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Virgin Boss Branson: "Not lost many customers yet" in Sky/Virgin dispute

# 2 March 2007, 15:07 by Cable Forum

Reuters report that Virgin boss, Sir Richard Branson, says Virgin Media hasn’t lost very many customers, yet. In the current dispute over axed Sky channels on Virgin Media network, Branson also said: “Sky obviously took a gamble. They started the popular programme “24” the week before knowing we were likely to get to this stage, gave our people their fix of the first episode and then we couldn’t reach agreement so it was a dangerous move from our end.”

Sir Richard Branson was talking to Bloomberg Television in an interview.

Branson feels comfortable at the moment and feels that Virgin Media won’t lose very many customers, he added by saying:-

“Most of the viewers seem to be staying loyal and I think we won’t lose very many.

Sky are obviously worried, they think we may bring some real competition. They stopped us buying ITV by getting in there quickly and buying 18 percent of ITV and they have tried to double the price of the programming that we pay.

Rather than paying through the nose for their programming we have decided to go and get our programming and that is what we will do.”

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