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Virgin Media 20Mbit Service Coming in May/June 2007 (Update)

# 15 March 2007, 13:48 by Paul M

As part of it’s Q4 results today, Virgin Media announced that 20Mbit Broadband connectivity will be coming in June, with trials of 50Mbit currently taking place.

The broadband section of the report details that BB connections have increased by 78,100 over the last quater and then goes on to state that 10Mbit is currently available in all areas and that this will be increased to 20 Mbit in June (2007).

No details of price are included so it is unclear if this will be another tier or a free upgrade of the current 10M service. There is also no mention of upload speed, but those on the recent trials report that it was increased to 768K, so it seems reasonable to assume this will be the upload speed for the new service.

Update: 15/03/2007

Virgin have now confirmed the upgrades of the XL service from 10Mbps to 20 Mbps will start from May 2007, and will also see the service increase in price by £2 a month (to £37).

Ernie Cormier, chief commercial officer of Virgin Media, said:

“We want to make entertainment and communications the simple and exciting world it should be, but our technology also means we can offer an ultra-fast broadband service that our competitors can’t match.

“For internet savvy customers who want the best broadband money can buy, our XL service is perfect for speedy downloading and uploading – whether it’s music, videos, podcasts or blogs.”


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