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Virgin Media is Coming Very Soon

# 2 February 2007, 21:44 by Cable Forum

It’s February already, the second month of the year has arrived, what happened to January? Nevermind, anyway what is so good about February this year? Well for anyone who has been living under a rock for the last couple of months, this month sees the largest cable group, ntl:Telewest rebrand to Virgin Media and it would appear a countdown is about to commence as a £20 Million ad campaign is said to be launching this very weekend.

Sources close to us have revealed there will be teaser type adverts beginning on ITV1, during Dancing on Ice. The 15 second adverts will feature voice overs from Uma Thurman and the adverts are said to highlight February 8th, as the launch day for the campaign.

February 14th was strongly rumoured to be actual day of the rebrand but we believe that ntl and the Virgin group might be trying to be flexible with the actual launch date, to prevent one of their fierce competitors, BSkyB, from ‘stealing’ the lime light by launching their own mass ad campaign around the same time.

It would also seem that there has been yet another website created during the Virgin Media campaign, Comingvsoon.com, to try to keep an already enthusiastic audience in more suspense.

James Kydd, managing director of Virgin Media marketing apparently said to The Guardian newspaper:

“This is the biggest Virgin company in the world and the biggest Virgin launch ever.”

“We want to get people thinking, and build a sense of anticipation.”

”...Sky has been anticipating us with huge amounts of volume [of PR and advertising] at the moment. I love the fact that Murdoch says this is just a name change.”

It would seem members of our forum are quite enthusiastic with the changes, with one forum member rewriting a popular ‘12 days of christmas’ carol to fit in with the rebranding. You can view this in the forum thread linked below.

What are your views on the rebranding? Visit the current discussion thread. Not a member? Register here.

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