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Virgin Media Executive admits history of 'crap service'

# 23 January 2007, 20:56 by Cable Forum

The Telegraph reports that the head of internal communications for Virgin Media, James Weekley, has admitted in public that the cable company ntl, has a history of “crap service” and “very tired people” and has been stuck in “synergy hell”. The comments come at a very sensitive time, as next month will see ntl:Telewest and Virgin Mobile re-brand as Virgin Media.

From next month the cable giant will start a £20m marketing campaign, which will be fronted by Hollywood star, Uma Thurman as it relaunches under the Virgin brand.

Mr Weekley was apparently trying to address the challenges that lie ahead as he was speaking to fellow internal communications professionals at the Royal Society of Arts.

James Weekley was unavailable when The Telegraph pressed for further comment, but a spokesman for Virgin Media later told the paper:

“This shows a brutal honesty about what happened before and the challenges that lie ahead.

The perception is that a Virgin company generally sails along with no problems at all but becoming a Virgin company isn’t easy.

You can’t just stamp Virgin on it and everything suddenly goes well. You are overlaying a very entrepreneurial risque culture on to what was essentially a utility.”

Read more over @ The Telegraph.

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