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Virgin Media Information - knowfirst.co.uk

# 16 January 2007, 15:49 by Cable Forum

An ntl Telewest associate has kindly posted a sneak preview regarding some information about ntl and Telewests re-branding to Virgin Media. The associate has stated that from today, cable customers will start to receive a letter from Sir Richard Branson and a leaflet letting them know about the changes that will happening very soon. There is a new website that has been created called Know First which details information about the changes.

There has been some mixed reactions already regarding the Knowfirst.co.uk website.

Some have stated on the forum that the changes look ‘promising’ another member has said some of it looks a bit ‘cheesy’ but agree that it is a step in the right direction.

What do you think…? Feel free to post your comments in our forum thread about this.

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