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ntl Telewest hit again by various network failures

# 11 January 2007, 01:53 by Cable Forum

Customers across the Telewest franchises suffered another loss of services at the beginning of this week. According to some reports, Telewest broadband customers noticed poor internet connectivity and other related web surfing issues around 4PM on Monday. A spokeswoman for the cable group had stated to business and technology website, ZdNet.co.uk, that around 2000 – 3000 customers could have been affected. According to Telewest status page, the problem wasn’t sorted until the following morning.

However, the Telewest status page showed that blueyonder customers in the South West areas suffered connectivity issues on Wednesday (yesterday), the ticket shows that the issue was first flagged up at around 3:43PM and had an estimated fix time of around four hours, but it was logged at 10:37PM, that the issue was finally fixed.

The problem on Monday was apparently due to synchronisation of dynamic customer IP addresses.

Broadband Customers in the ntl areas were said to have not been affected.

In other news, The Times is reporting that ntl’s vice chairman and former Chief executive officer, Simon Duffy, is ready to quit his role saying ‘his work is done’. His contract with the company ends on January 15th and it is expected that ntl will announce next week that it will not be renewed.

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