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ntl Telewest research shows xmas wish lists bamboozles parents

# 18 December 2006, 00:01 by Cable Forum

ntl Telewest has commissioned some recent research into what kids really want for christmas, according to their findings it would appear the most preferable items that appear on wish lists, have such confusing names that parents end up turning to their kids for help on understanding exactly what they are.

Apparently, according to the survey, Heelys, Wiis, PVRs and Robosapiens are high on the christmas wish lists for kids this year.

The survey consisted of over 2000 people which showed 62% of parents with children between the age of 0 – 15 are totally confused when they saw their childrens letter sent to Santa Clause.

Gadget expert and parent, Jason Bradbury, explains:

“Technology is featuring high on the Christmas agenda this year and supply seems to be struggling to meet demand. With the launch of many new products, 2006 is proving to be a baffling year for parents. I just hope that Mr and Mrs Claus have a better understanding of gadget terminology than the average mum and dad!”

Below is a list of the top ten most confusing chistmas gifts on childrens wish lists and their actual brief explanation, together with the percentage of parents who knew what they are:

  • 1. Heelys (22%) – These are trainers with a wheel in the heel. They allow you to roll across flat ground. You can walk in them quite normally and they look like a regular cool trainer
  • 2. PVR (24%) – Personal video recorders (PVRs) such as TVDrive from ntl Telewest enable you to watch one programme whilst recording up to two others on a built in hard drive. You can also pause live TV and easily record whole series of your favourite shows.
  • 3. Geomag (25%) – Magnetic building blocks – Lego for the noughties generation.
  • 4. Bop it extreme (40%) – Pull, twist, flip and stretch to the sound of music for this handheld game.
  • 5. Cranium (54%) – Boxed game which challenges the brain.
  • 6. Wii (62%) – New gaming console from Nintendo which features wireless gaming.
  • 7. Robosapian (71%) – Apparently its a robot that dances like a human, very sought after.
  • 8. VoD (74%) – Video on Demand.
  • 9. PS3 (79%) – The yet to be launched games console from Sony.
  • 10. HDTV (82%) – High definition TV which allows for crystal clear images on your HDTV enabled TV set.

Ernie Cormier, chief commercial officer of ntl Telewest, adds:

“Christmas is stressful enough without the worry of buying the right presents. An expert engineer will install our TVDrive PVR for you, but parents struggling to understand other present requests could always try Wikipedia.com!”

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