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ntl Launches TVDrive in Glasgow and Teesside

# 15 November 2006, 14:14 by Cable Forum

ntl has announced the launch of its TVDrive in Glasgow and Teesside today. 650,000 extremely lucky ntl customers in these areas will be able to subscribe to ntl’s long awaited TVDrive service, through the use of a personal video recorder (PVR), that has a hard drive storage of around 80 hours worth of programmes.

TVDrive costs £10 per month for those ntl customers who take the top digital TV package, to everyone else its £15 per month.

Glasgow and Teesside customers who have an HD-ready TV will also be able to benefit from high definition TV (HDTV).

To summarise, TVDrive offers the following benefits:

  • Receive all of ntl’s existing digital TV services.
  • 80 hours of recordable Standard definition programmes
  • Watch one channel and record up to two others at the same time
  • Pause and rewind live TV
  • Watch and record programmes in high definition
  • Record all or part of a series, or record by programme category
  • Plan viewing and recordings with an eight-day, on-screen programme guide.

ntl plans to rollout TVDrive to all its 12 Million cable homes by early next year.

Ernie Cormier, chief commercial officer of ntl Telewest, said:

“TVDrive has been hugely popular with Telewest customers so we are launching to ntl areas as soon as possible. Our combination of TV on demand, HDTV and a personal video recorder is unique in the market. We give our customers a powerful entertainment package, with unrivalled choice, amazing picture quality and complete control over viewing.”

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