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ntl Telewest Virgin Mobile deal gets teething problems [Updated]

# 21 October 2006, 15:04 by Cable Forum

ntl Telewest customers trying to obtain the new Virgin Mobile deal which launched as ‘Quadplay’ on 27th September this year, have been hit with a couple of teething problems. One problem that customers might encounter is the length of time it might take to get signed up for the service. The other problem was that some existing ntl customers trying to get the £10 Virgin Mobile deal were rejected due to subsequently failing a credit check.

Jules, one of our popular forum members has been trying for days to get what is a fantastic deal for ntl customers, just £10 from Virgin Mobile, 300 Anytime, any network minutes plus 300 Texts per month.

Jules waited to then only be told she has failed a credit check. Jules highlighted on Cable Forum:

“NTL have had thousands off me yet I can’t be trusted with a phone for £10 a month, when I rang Virgin and pointed that out I was told sorry but there is nothing we can do.”

‘Nothing we can do’ is not entirely accurate, myself being bemused at ‘existing customers’ being rejected due to a credit check failure, over the £10 offer as just being absolutely plain crazy.

Cable Forum has raised this issue with ntl Telewest executives and Neil Berkett, ntl Telewest’s Chief Operating Officer, has assured me that this problem is now sorted. Those ‘existing’ customers who have been turned down on the offer due to a failed credit check, should try again.

[Update]: Despite being reassured this has been sorted – existing ntl customers, who have reapplied for the Virgin Mobile offer, are still being turned down after failing a credit check. It is absolutely bizarre and insanely outrageous that an offer which is ‘cheap as chips’, that a credit check is being applied and customers who consider themselves to have a really good credit history, are still being rejected.

I contacted Virgin Mobile and they told me that even though ntl Telewest and Virgin Mobile are working together and have a portfolio of services on offer, Virgin Mobile are still running their own seperate credit check scoring systems.

The other problem, the length of time it is taking to get signed up, is down to the sheer principle of how popular this offer has been. An ntl insider said they had been well overwhelmed with interest that it has caused a strain with how many customers can be signed up at once and that due to the demand, it can take a couple of days to get activated. Virgin Mobile have also stated that in the last few weeks, they have extended their sales team considerably, to cope with the high demand of this offer.

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