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ntl:Telewest admits traffic shaping on its network

# 4 October 2006, 22:26 by Chris T

ntl:Telewest has admitted it does implement traffic shaping on its network – but insists this is only in some places, at some times, when absolutely necessary.

Cable Forum contacted ntl after speculation from some forum members that the ISP has been throttling back their bandwidth at certain times of day.

There have been complaints that connections can often slow to a crawl, especially between 6pm and 11pm.

In a statement, the company said: “ntl Telewest strives to maintain an excellent quality broadband internet service for its customers and to achieve that end, we may manage traffic on our network.

“Measures include limiting the bandwidth available at peak times in certain areas, for certain non-time critical applications like peer to peer, that may have a detrimental affect on other users’ services.

“These measures do not affect surfing, email or newsgroups or usage outside of peak hours.”

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