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ntl to re-introduce free calling to customer services and faults

# 21 September 2006, 11:44 by Cable Forum

ntl have confirmed that they are to re-introduce free calling to customer services and faults for their fixed line customers. From October 2nd 2006, customers can ring free by dialling 150 / 151 from their ntl phone line. Back on May 8th this year – ntl had then, ended free calling to customer services.

Going off the feedback posted on cable forum – some ntl Customers felt this wasn’t a good move and felt that they shouldn’t of had to pay to report a fault.

In March this year – ntl and Telewest finally completed their merger, but are still currently operating seperate services but are, at a steady pace, integrating their businesses, together with the aquisition of Virgin Mobile, they plan to launch their portfolio of services under the ‘Virgin’ brand in the near future.

Telewest customers have always been able to phone customer services and faults for free.

In a statement from an ntl spokeswoman – they state they are aligning best practices from both businesses and want to extend free short dial services to ntl customers:-

Just to confirm – from 2 October, we are introducing free short dial numbers for fixed line telephone customers in our ntl: franchises.

As we bring together ntl and Telewest, we are looking at best practice from across the two businesses.

We offer free short dial services to Telewest customers and have decided to extend this to NTL customers.

We want to make it easy for all customers to contact us, when they need to, so we can respond to their enquiries.

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