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ntl denies Premier League legal action newspaper report

# 28 June 2006, 20:05 by Frank

ntl has denied a report in todays Times newspaper that it is considering legal action against the Premier League because it is unhappy about the way that live rights were sold to Sky and Setanta Sports in a recent auction.

At the beginning of May, the Premier League awarded BSkyB four television rights packages, with two others going to Irish pay-TV broadcaster Setanta.

The outcome prompted unease from some of the companies that missed out, including ntl, about the way the affair was handled and the packages were split up. Shortly after the auction, Jim Mooney, ntl’s chairman, called the process “flawed”.

However, a company spokesman today denied a report in The Times newspaper, saying “ntl has no intention of taking legal action against the Football Association Premier League in respect of recent auction of live football rights.”

ntl regularly denies reports in The Times newspaper, so today’s statement doesn’t come as much of a surprise. However, The Times likes writing biased articles about ntl, perhaps because the paper is owned indirectly by Rupert Murdoch’s media conglomerate News Corporation, also owners of…surprise surprise, BSkyB – ntl’s main competitor.

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