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UKTV G2+1 Change in channel content during World Cup

# 9 June 2006, 11:34 by Cable Forum

ntl:telewest tell us today, UKTV, has been awarded a licence to broadcast World Cup Football matches on UKTV G2. Because of licensing restrictions, UKTV are only able to show live football, and no repeats. This will mean that UKTV, are not permitted to broadcast the same match on a +1 channel.

This will take effect from 6pm Friday 9th June, with the opening match ‘Germany v Costa Rica’ and TV Listings in magazines and newspapers are being altered to reflect the schedule changes.

To comply with the broadcast licence, UKTV have decided that UKTV G2+1 will broadcast exactly the same content as UKTV G2 (simultaneous broadcast). This affects all content on the channel, and not just the football matches, and will run throughout the World Cup Schedule.

Viewers tuning to UKTV G2+1 (EPG 33/829) will notice that the content is exactly the same as UKTV G2 (EPG 32/830), and is no longer time-shifted by one hour. The broadcast times remain unchanged: 6pm to 4am every day.

Between 3am and 4am, a slate will appear to advise why the content has changed for the World Cup.

From 6pm 10th July, UKTV G2+1 will revert to being a normal delayed feed. (+1 hour behind).

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