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ntl remove Big Game TV from channel line up

# 7 June 2006, 11:58 by Cable Forum

ntl:telewest has sent word this morning that Big Game TV will be removed from the ntl channel line up today. ntl say the channel is under police investigation, following allegations about their business practice and as a result ntl have decided to remove Big Game TV from its line up.

Big Game TV broadcasts on channel ntl (Langley 120, Bromley 9) from 9pm-3am but there will be a slate on channel ntl from 9pm to 3am for 1 week advising customers the channel is no longer available and advising them if they have any queries they should call Big Game TV directly on 0207 430 4466.

I always thought there was something very dodgy about these TV quiz shows where viewers are invited to call in on a premium rate number.

Big Game TV includes games such as ‘Say what you see’, ‘Numerical games’ and ‘Word games’ and presenters on the show invite viewers to ring in on a premium rate number and callers know that they could be paying up to 75 pence whether they get a chance to give their answer or not.

For callers to get through and to give their answers to the presenters, they need to pass three stages – the majority of the calls don’t get past the first stage and are sent to a machine which tells callers they haven’t been selected, but they still will be charged 75p regardless.

Allegations have come to light that at during certain times on the show, it is alleged, that when a clue is given to a puzzle, the answer becomes obvious and so many viewers will attempt to call in to answer this but the shows producer will tell the single telephonist (yep there is only the one), not to take any calls at all from anything between ten minutes up to more than 2 hours. This means all callers have zero chance of winning anything during this time, but hundreds, if not thousands of callers are still calling in, each still paying 75 pence.

Bob Windsor was a telephonist on Big game TV up until March this year and he told BBC Radio 4 that viewers were the victims of deception.

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