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ntl Telewest signs Big Brother 7 content deal

# 16 May 2006, 20:37 by Frank

Channel 4 has signed a new content delivery agreement to supply content to ntl, Telewest and Virgin.net subscribers. The deal will see broadband content from shows, starting with Big Brother 7, delivered directly to Internet users in the first content deal to span all three ntl owned ISPs since ntl merged with Telewest earlier this year.

ntl Telewest customers with a 4Mb or 10Mb connection will have access to a free, live 24/7 feed from the house, as part of their broadband plus package – only otherwise available on the Channel 4 website for a fee of £7.99.

There will also be access to daily news stories and video clip highlights from the house via the websites listed below, and if you’re really bored, there will also be contestant biographies, photos, plus an exclusive column written by Derek Laud from Big Brother 6.

Philip Snalune, MD of consumer products at ntl Telewest, said: “Big Brother 7 promises to be one of the must-watch events of the summer and this exclusive deal means our customers will be able to get all the news and gossip from the house as soon as it breaks.”

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