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Telewest makes World Cup available HDTV style

# 16 May 2006, 01:28 by Cable Forum

Telewest customers with TVDrive can catch all the live football action from this years World Cup, almost literally, in their own living rooms thanks to an agreement with the BBC and ITV which will produce this years games, every one of them and other content, in stunning high definition (HDTV), a technology which offers pictures around four times sharper than standard digital TV.

Only Telewest customers, plus a closed group of terrestrial HD triallists, will have access to all the games in high definition.

Apart from this, ntl Telewest have also signed a third deal with Channel 4, making available at the touch of a button, episodes from Seasons One and Two of the Golden Globe, Lost and Desperate Housewives, all on offer from a virtual video library of high definition programmes.

The BBC and ITV are to trial HDTV broadcasts, see BBC HD or ITV HD for more details.

Philip Snalune, managing director consumer products, ntl Telewest, said:

“The beautiful game is about to get a serious makeover. Telewest customers with TVDrive will be able to watch every World Cup game in stunning high definition and, for those who aren’t gripped by England’s exploits, we’re also lining up a feast of alternative HD entertainment.

“Since we launched Britain’s first HDTV service, thousands of football fans have invested in HD-ready screens in anticipation of the World Cup and we’re flying in additional TVDrives to satisfy demand.”

That’s all well and good, if you are a Telewest customer living in a Telewest area, as viewers will need Telewest’s TVDrive and an HD-ready television set to watch high definition programmes.

For more information on Telewest’s TVDrive see www.telewest.co.uk/tvdrive.

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