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ntl expected to announce up to 6,000 jobs will go

# 8 May 2006, 10:38 by Chris T

ntl is expected to slash up to 6,000 jobs across its workforce, according to several newspaper reports yesterday. But the company has declined to confirm it will make any announcement on staffing levels at its first-quarter results presentation, due on 9 May.

The Mail on Sunday made the direst predictions and said call centre staff would be especially badly hit. Some of the work currently undertaken by the threatened staff is expected to be outsourced to India. Marketing jobs are also thought to be at risk.

The Independent on Sunday put the casualty figures at a more restrained 4,000 but claimed Telewest’s head office in Woking would be entirely closed down.

Neither report predicts there will be any impact on the Virgin Mobile business that ntl acquired last month.

While declining to comment on the reports, ntl has confirmed its new Chief Executive, Stephen Burch, will update investors on progress made towards integrating Telewest into the business.

ntl acquired Telewest after a drawn-out process that began in October 2005, and the City is increasingly keen to know how ntl plans to deliver the £250 million in cost savings it said could be achieved by combining the two companies.

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