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ntl bottom for customer satisfaction in YouGov survey

# 7 May 2006, 20:38 by Frank

ntl has been slammed in a new customer satisfaction suvey examining the relative popularity of the UK’s ISPs. The suvey of 16,000 grown-ups was conducted by pollsters YouGov, acting on behalf of utilities comparison website uSwitch.com.

The survey found that BT, ntl Telewest and AOL, who between them account for half of all broadband subscribers in the UK, came bottom in seven out of nine categories between them.

When it comes to overall customer satisfaction, unsurprisingly ntl Telewest came bottom of the pile, closely followed by BT. The top performing ISP was PlusNet. In particular, the research found that four in ten BT customers believe the telco doesn’t provide value, while a quarter of AOL customers are unhappy with the quality of their connection.

“Less encouraging is that once again, as with the results of our Home Phone Survey, it is the companies with the largest numbers of customers which are failing to meet their customers’ expectations,” said uSwitch.com broadband product manager Chris Williams.

ntl Telewest director of internet Chad Raube countered: “Consumers have voted with their feet and we are the largest provider of broadband services in Britain.” Fortunately for Mr Raube, ntl and Telewest have just merged, allowing him to make such a claim.

ISPs by overall customer satisfaction

  • PlusNet 92 per cent
  • Pipex 90 per cent
  • Telewest 89 per cent
  • Virgin.net 87 per cent
  • AOL 83 per cent
  • Tiscali 83 per cent
  • Wanadoo 83 per cent
  • BT 82 per cent
  • NTL 81 per cent

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