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ntl broadband 4Mb speed upgrade and 10Mb goes unlimited

# 25 April 2006, 15:58 by Cable Forum

Cable Forum has received word from ntl that from June 1st 2006, there will be a free Broadband speed increase for 2Mb customers and the freedom of unlimited for 10Mb. Current 2Mb customers will see their speed doubled to 4Mb and the upload rate double to 400K.

This will mean that ntl’s 1Mb, 4Mb and 10Mb services will all now be with unlimited access.

From 1st June 2006, new and existing customers will automatically receive up to 4Mb download speeds.

Chad Raube, director of internet services at ntl Telewest, said:

“We’ve got a solid track record of giving customers more for their money and these broadband upgrades are the latest example of how we’ll continue to add value.”

However, despite this news about the broadband cap limit being removed, there are still questions remaining about ntl’s plan to traffic shape their network.

Remember, recently – ntl included a change to the ntl User Policy, without any notification to their customers and when Cable Forum questioned ntl about this discreet clause change, ntl immediately removed the new traffic shaping clause from their user policy.

ntl may of removed the clause, for now – but it still means that ntl have made plans to introduce this and the fact that ntl have now removed bandwidth caps for the 1Mb, 4Mb and 10Mb speeds, means that its still quite possible ntl will introduce traffic shaping in the near future. Time will tell.

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