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Telewest completes speed increases

# 13 April 2006, 10:17 by Stuart

Telewest announced today that they have completed their broadband speed upgrades. All customers should now be receiving at least a 2Mbps service, as this is the new entry level offering in Telewest serviced areas.

We have recieved the following press release:

Cable customers got a boost today with the completion of Telewest’s promised internet speed increases.

Over one million broadband customers are now breaking bandwidth barriers and leading the pack is Telewest’s elite service, offering blistering downloads of up to 10Mbp/s.

Existing customers have been upgraded automatically region-by-region over the past six months and the following tiers of service are now on offer as standard to all new Telewest customers:

  • broadband – Previously 512Kbp/s (kilobits per second), the entry-level service is now up to 2Mbp/s, for the same price of £17.99 per month.
  • broadband complete – The standard 1Mb service now offers super-fast surfing of up to 4Mbp/s, still at £25 per month.
  • broadband elite – The current 2Mb and 4Mb options have been replaced by a flagship service offering speeds of up to 10Mbp/s, which costs only £35 per month.

All the tiers remain free of usage limitations.

Chad Raube, director of internet at ntl Telewest, said: “We now offer a raft of broadband services to suit every surfer’s speed and pocket, from an entry-level up to 2Mb service to a super-fast, up to 10Mb connection.

“What’s more, unlike ADSL broadband services, our advanced fibre optic cable network can deliver these speeds to every serviceable household, so no one need miss out.”

It will be interesting to see, what with the two companies now having merged, how long it takes to roll those tiers out to the NTL network, not to mention how the combined company justifies offering a limited capacity service to some customers (ntl areas) and an unlimited service to others (Telewest areas).

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