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ntl responds to "Free Digital TV" article

# 12 April 2006, 09:29 by Stuart

According to the Sunday Telegraph ntl:Telewest is planning to offer free Digital Television now that the cableco has acquired Virgin Mobile. ntl:Telewest appeared to deny the article yesterday. The author of the Telegraph appears to be basing their assumptions on the following two statements.

Robert Samuelson, head of Virgin Telecoms and Media, is quoted as saying: “The thing about selling four products is that you can offer one for free.”

Richard Branson is also quoted as saying: “Across the board we want to make sure we are the competitive leader in the marketplace.”

The Sunday Telegraph appears to have interpreted these statements to mean ntl:Telewest will be offering free Digital TV to customers who take all four services. When we contacted ntl:Telewest, they had this to say:

Our focus at the moment is on integrating the ntl and Telewest businesses to provide the best quality service to our customers. To that end we are looking to align our products and services over the coming months and we will obviously communicate significant changes to customers. Otherwise it’s early days and business as usual. We will look to bundle services for consumers to offer a great choice of TV, phone and broadband services but we have not confirmed any future promotions or bundles at the moment.

We will keep you posted of course with developments.

So, they appear to be denying it will happen at the moment, but haven’t ruled it out for the future.

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