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ntl confirms suspected Denial of Service attack

# 10 March 2006, 18:10 by Cable Forum

On Tuesday 7th March, at approximately 7:30PM – A large quantity of our forum members reported that their ntl internet connection ceased to function properly with sluggish web page response times, whilst other ntl internet customers were reporting that they were getting a lot of ‘Server not found’ messages in their browser windows, especially when trying to visit popular websites such as ebay or google.

The problem wasn’t specific to one location, it was becoming quite clear from the discussion in this thread that this was a much wider issue on ntl’s network.

No other ISP appeared to have any issues, confirmed by other forum members on different providers.

Cable Forum has since approached ntl and asked them to confirm if the problem was a Denial of Service attack, which was initially and unofficially confirmed by internal sources.

A spokesman from ntl states:

I’ve asked the team and can confirm we had a suspected dos attack on Tuesday night (nb these are not always caused by malicious activity). We have counter-measures in place but for security reasons, can’t go into details (sure you understand). As you’d expect we are reviewing the matter to see if there are any lessons to learn which is something we always try to do.

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