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ntl to end free calls to Customer Service helpline

# 8 March 2006, 19:44 by Cable Forum

Cable Forum has learned that the now combined cable group ntl:Telewest is intending to end their free phone 0800 customer service number and instead are to introduce a 0845/0871 rate service numbers for calls to faults or technical support.

In a statement released to us, ntl said:

As you know, we are passionate about delivering high standards of customer service and are committed to a programme of enhancements. Customers themselves have ever changing needs and we aim to be responsive.

ntl has made significant investment and improvements in the past three years and we have worked tirelessly to improve the overall customer experience. Our strategy is to offer customers who want to get in touch a range of options to suit their needs. We use a number of tools to help us in our drive for high standards including:

  • investing in state-of-the-art technology which helps staff manage customer relationships in an efficient and timely manner
  • employing the best talent and our commitment to training and development
  • encouraging an open and helpful culture where staff share their views on how to make further improvements

As part of this strategy we want to make it easier for customers who want to get in touch and are changing some of our customer service numbers on 8 May. This change brings ntl into line with other communication companies who make a nominal charge for customer service calls. We are in the process of writing to customers to inform them of these changes.

We are putting in place initiatives to ensure any customer who is on hold for three minutes or more is given the option to request a free call back from us.

ntl have also included a proposed list of charges in pence per min for call charges to customer services and faults and have included a comparison with call charges for calling Sky or Freeview:-

ntl – Cust Services and Faults
Day – 4.45
Evening – 1.75
Weekend – 1.45

SKY – General enquiries
Day – 8.10
Evening – 4.30
Weekend – 2.75

Freeview – All queries
Day – 8.10
Evening – 4.30
Weekend – 2.75

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