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ntl and ARRIS to commence 100Mb Broadband Speed Trials

# 14 February 2006, 19:42 by Cable Forum

ARRIS and ntl, last week, announced field trials of a 100 Megabits per second (Mb/s) ultra speed data service using the ARRIS FlexPath channel bonded solution incorporated in its Cadant C4 CMTS and Touchstone Wideband Modem. Following successful Lab trials, field trials are to commence in March.

The announcement was closely followed by news that ntl and BitTorrent are to team up, to test a service that will legally let users buy movies and music video downloads.

Getting back to the main news here about 100Mb speed trials. A press release states that, FlexPath – uses the same bonding technique as that selected by CableLabs for its DOCSIS 3.0 standard.

The press release also states, leveraging off of the ARRIS FlexPath wideband channel bonding technology, ntl is able to demonstrate a variety of innovative services on its cable network that customers could access simultaneously, something which would simply not be possible at today’s bandwidths. These services include the ultra fast downloads of large media files; security services including closed circuit television; inexpensive video conferencing; internet-based gaming; and the multicast streaming of multiple high definition television channels. Using the FlexPath 100 Mb/s solution, these and other IP services can be delivered over existing cable networks using readily available home networking devices.

“We are delighted to have the support of our technology partner ARRIS in order to demonstrate the significant potential of our cable network,” said Kevin Baughan ntl’s Director of Network Strategy. “Following a highly successful trial in our labs, we are looking forward to commencing field trials of the ARRIS FlexPath technology in March.”

ARRIS provides broadband local access networks with innovative video, high-speed data and telephony systems for the delivery of voice, video and data to the home and business. ARRIS complete solutions enhance the reliability and value of converged services from the network to the subscriber. Headquartered in Suwanee, Georgia, USA, ARRIS has design, engineering, distribution, service and sales office locations throughout the world. Information about ARRIS products and services can be found at www.arrisi.com.

“We are extremely excited about the successful demonstration of very high data speeds in conjunction with the U.K.’s leading broadband services provider,” noted ARRIS Vice President of Engineering Charles Cheevers. “We have been working with operators on delivering 100 Mb/s speeds since we unveiled the ARRIS FlexPath wideband technology in 2004. The ARRIS Touchstone Wideband Modem and C4 CMTS continue to deliver outstanding bandwidth, reliability, density and ability to scale.”

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