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Cable merger set to close in Q1 2006

# 19 January 2006, 18:19 by Frank

UK cable companies ntl and Telewest are on track to complete their merger in the first quarter of 2006, ntl CFO Jacques Kerrest said on Thursday at the BNP Paribas high-yield conference in London.

“I think the month of March is going to be a busy month,” Kerrest said, and went on to indicate that during the ntl-Telewest merger they had avoided talking about the branding issue. “We kept dancing about this,” he said.

Kerrest also stated that market research in the UK shows that retailers Tesco and Virgin have the two top brands. “We couldn’t get the first one,” Kerrest said, and for the first time hinted that ntl had been interested in using the Tesco brand.

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