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ntl Broadband 1Mb and 2Mb goes unlimited Jan 2006

# 14 December 2005, 04:52 by Cable Forum

ntl has informed us that the 1Mb and 2Mb broadband speed tiers will go unlimited from January 2006 with no change in the price. This means ntl broadband internet subscribers on these speed tiers, can from January 2006, surf the internet and download as much as they like.

All ntl broadband subscribers are currently under a usage restriction that forbids excessive usage. Customers who ignore the restrictions and continue to go over the usage allowance, face having their broadband speed lowered to 512K, ntl wrote to us back in October and informed us that they were beginning to take action on persistant heavy users. You can read that news article here.

When the ntl broadband usage limits kicked off back in February 2003, the usage allowance was 1GB per day – ntl later changed the wording from 1GB ‘per day’, to 30GB ‘per month’ to change the customer perception that they were allowed to download more than 1GB in any one day as long as customers didn’t download more than 1GB everyday.

ntl’s New 10Mb service will still have a usage restriction of 75GB per month.

ntl are also offering a free internet security tool called Netguard, for all their broadband customers, worth £40. Go to ntlworld.com/netguard for more information.

Broadband Plus is also being provided at no extra cost for 2MB and 10MB speed tier customers. 1MB customers pay nothing for the first month, then just £3.99 per month.

ntl tell us that they will be informing their existing broadband customers by e-mail and bill messaging during this month and January 2006.

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