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New chat service launches on the ntl DTV Interactive service

# 8 December 2005, 16:46 by Nemesis

We have received word from ntl that they have launched a new chat service for ntl’s Interactive Digital TV service. The brand new service within the Interactive features is called Chatbox. Chatbox is a new chat-room service on ntl’s Interactive and it allows ntl and Telewest DTV customers to chat to each other in groups using their Digital TV service for just £3.95 per month.

What is Chatbox?

  • Chatbox is a new chat-room service on ntl’s Interactive Digital TV service.
  • It allows ntl and Telewest DTV customers to chat to each other in groups using their DTV service.

What does Chatbox do?

  • Chatbox is a chat service designed to promote lively conversation via your ntl set-top box.
  • Chatbox is only available to users who are 18 and over.
  • Therefore customers are required to enter their set-top box PIN and to agree to the “Terms and Conditions” of the service before using Chatbox
  • Chatbox costs £3.95 per month.
  • You can register up to 5 users per set-top box although only one user can access the Service at any one time.

How do customers access Chatbox?

  • Press the Interactive button on the ntl remote
  • Select email & chat (option 3)
  • Select Chatbox (option 3)
  • Customers will be asked to enter their PIN to access the service.
  • Once you have successfully entered your ntl PIN you will be asked to create a personal profile consisting of a User Name and personal PIN Number for extra security. Your personal PIN number needs to consist of 4 numbers and we recommend that these numbers are different to the ntl set-top box PIN.
  • The personal profile uniquely identifies the customer and will be the contact name by which they are known on the Service.
  • Up to 5 personal profiles per set-top box can be created at any one time.

Payment information

  • Chatbox is a pay per play service and costs £3.95 to use for 28 days.
  • Once the customer has agreed to pay for the Service this charge will be automatically added to the ntl bill.
  • The 28-day usage period will run consecutively from the point they have confirmed payment on-screen. When the 28 day period has run out they will be notified on-screen and offered the option to renew for a further 28 days.

Further information about Chatbox

Chat Rooms

Once you have created your profile you are ready to start chatting. To login select your profile from the list and enter your personal PIN.
This will then take you to the Options Page which lists which rooms are available and identifies who is currently online and chatting. To enter the room you wish to visit simply select the relevant room from the list; highlight the Let Me In box and press OK.


On entering a Chat room the text box will be automatically highlighted. Just press OK to bring up the on-screen keyboard and follow the instructions on-screen.


You can talk to other users on a one to one basis by selecting their user names from the Whisper List. This List will detail all other users in the same room as you.


To delete a Profile simply select the relevant profile from the list and login. This will take you to the Welcome Screen where you have the option to delete your profile by pressing the Green Button.
To delete all Profiles on the set top box simply select Start Again from the Main Screen. This screen allows you to delete all existing profiles in one go.

What Chat Rooms are there?

Friends Chatting for the 18-30s
30s Chatting for the 30-somethings
40s Chatting for the 40-somethings
Mums Friendly chatting for all mums out there
Asian / Indian Special interest group
Soap Gossip Chat about your favourite soaps
Footie Freaks Get chatting about football
Matchmaker For men and women looking for love
Man 2 Man For men looking for men…
Lady Love For ladies looking for ladies

Is Chatbox for kids?

No – Chatbox is especially for adults (over 18s).


  • The service is up and running and customers can start using it today.
  • For more information, just press INTERACTIVE on your digital TV remote control, select “MAIL & CHAT” and then “CHATBOX”

Customer Billing

  • The Chatbox service costs £3.95 for 28 days access.
  • The charge appears within the Interactive section on the customer’s ntl bill.
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