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Gems TV Launches on Telewest 755 today!

# 1 December 2005, 15:29 by Nemesis

Previously only available to Sky and ntl subscribers, Gems TV is now part of Telewest’s channel line up – available live 18 hours a day from 8am to 2am. Gems TV gives people who cannot usually afford “the real thing” the opportunity to wear beautiful, real gemstones at surprisingly affordable prices. How? By cutting out all the middlemen and selling gemstone jewellery direct to the thousands of customers that tune in and purchase every day.

Click here to go to the GemsTV site

Gems TV combines home shopping with an exciting reverse auction game format called “Snatch It!” Each jewellery design begins with a start price, a current price and a total quantity of pieces to be sold during that game. As the game progresses, the current price is dropped until all items are sold, with every buyer then paying the ending and lowest price. In 2005 the average piece of real gemstone jewellery sold for under £65.

The “Snatch It!” format creates excitement among the audience, keeping viewers watching who haven’t even intended to make a purchase at that time. The games usually last between two and five minutes, so viewers are continually treated with a wide variety of products. Gems TV reaches about 10.5m homes in the UK via ntl 177, Telewest 755 and Sky Digital 646, 663 whilst many more people play via the website at www.gemstv.com – Internet viewers can play “Snatch It!” online, watch a live broadcast, plus they can browse over 2000 different designs a day to Snatch or “Buy-It-Now” on their PC.

For the 6 hours from 2am to 8am viewers can tune into interesting and informative “behind the scenes” documentary footage on gemstones, mines around the world and the company’s design workshops and craft centre in Chanthaburi, Thailand

Gems TV’s current customers love the fact that they only pay ONE insured postage and packing charge of £5.95 no matter how many items they order in a day and Gems TV only has low-call rate numbers keeping the costs of calls down. Customer satisfaction is also extremely high, with clients appreciating the prompt delivery and high quality of their purchases.

Tune in or log-on to Gems TV today to witness real gemstone set jewellery being sold at prices anyone can afford!

Sky Guide 646, 663, ntl 177, Telewest 755 and online at www.gemstv.com

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