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ntl 10MB broadband service officially launched [Update 2].

# 5 December 2005, 08:58 by Paul M

ntl have released more details of the upgrades of their Broadband service to 10 Mbps – which includes a reduction in the price of the top service from £37.99 to £34.99.

Update 2: ntl has issued us a press release that states:-

“ntl, the UK’s leading provider of consumer broadband services today launches a new super-fast broadband service that revs up to 10Mbps. At this high speed, customers can download a chart-topping MP3 or movie trailer in just four seconds. The new service also includes a sophisticated PC security package and a premium broadband content line up – at no extra cost.

ntl’s 10Mb service will transform the way the web is used by slashing the time it takes to download web pages, music, photos or stream videos. The service is ideal for watching the latest music video, playing an Xbox 360 game, download and streaming services such as Google Earth, or simply Christmas shopping online at super fast speed.

New service features premium broadband content in four categories – Music, Kids, Photos and Games – included at no cost, worth £30 per month if bought separately.

With more speed, users spend more time online. The free premium content is provided in four categories: music, games, digital photos and kids. It has been designed to provide easy access to the best of the net. For instance, customers get exclusive live gigs and interviews from MTV, 15 free photo prints every month and online storage from Photobox, 10 free tracks to download per month from Sonic Selector and access to hundreds of games such as LEGO Racers and Crazy Golf. There’s a simple registration process via ntlworld.com.

Security is a primary concern for internet users and ntl’s new 10Mb service offers sophisticated protection with anti-virus, pop-up blocker, privacy manager and secure form filler technology. The security pack will protect up to 3 PCs from 140,000 different viruses, with updates every three hours. This is also provided at no extra cost.

Customers will also receive an increased usage allowance of 75GB (up from 30GB) so users can do more of what they enjoy online. For the typical household that allows:

  • Web surfing 24 hours a day
  • 8 hours of online gaming every day
  • 1,000 MP3 downloads a week
  • 60 hours of video streaming each week (up from 6 hours with 30Gb allowances)
  • Sending and receiving 2,000 email messages with attachments such as digital photos (10,000 messages without attachments)

New and existing 3Mb Broadband customers are the first to experience the power of 10Mb. Existing customers will be upgraded automatically today, although some may require a hardware upgrade to receive the full 10Mbps. Upload speeds are also increased to 512K (from 300K).

Despite the significant speed increase, bigger usage allowance, security pack and premium entertainment bundle, there is no change to the monthly subscription. In fact, in early 2006, existing 3Mb customers will also see a price cut from £37.99 to £34.99 per month.

As the “connected home” becomes a reality, with multiple in-home internet services running simultaneously, high speed broadband services are vital.

Bill Goodland, Director of Internet at ntl says: “Our 10Mb broadband service is the key to the connected home. If you enjoy online gaming, music and entertainment then this is the service for you. With the 10Mb service users can make the most of what the internet has to offer, from Christmas shopping online to streaming music. We believe this is Britain’s best broadband service.”

In 2006 ntl will launch additional 10Mb and unlimited broadband services at a range of different price points to match individual needs. The company will also add to its security and content offerings.

ntl Consumer is the UK’s largest residential broadband provider. It has led the market since 2000. As at 30 September, the company had 1.72m broadband customers (next largest is BT with 1.625m). In the previous three months the number of homes with broadband grew by 767,000 taking the UK residential market to 7.9m households.”

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