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ntl to withdraw PS2 and Xbox Service

# 23 November 2005, 12:52 by Nemesis

It has already been noticed on the Cable Forum discussion board that when upgrading to ntl’s 10Mbps broadband service, the XBox and PS2 service charges are automatically removed. ntl have updated their Consoles microsite to explain this change, with recommendations to users wishing to retain the gaming and internet service they currently enjoy.

From ntl’s consoles page:

With the popularity of home networking there is less demand for our consoles gaming service. Therefore, as part of our new 10Mb Broadband service we are removing our XBOX and PS2 consoles services, and the £2 charge will be removed from your bill in December if you are on this service.

The good news is that you can now access hundreds of games, like LEGO Racers, Michael Vaughan Cricket Manager and Crazy Golf. Get unlimited game downloads and all the latest on gaming – as part of our Broadband Plus service.

The site goes on to explain that its still easy to continue gaming online by connecting your console directly to your modem, or if you want to use the Internet at the same time it offers links to an unofficial site that offers specific instructions for using either your XBox or PS2 in conjunction with a router.

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