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10 Mbps rollout to commence on November 8th

# 7 November 2005, 15:43 by Paul M

According to information received from a number of sources by Cable Forum, ntl are to commence the rollout of the new 10 Mbps service from Tuesday November 8th.

According to the information provided to us, the new service will be available from today. Initially it should be for existing 3 Mbps customers, and it comes with a new 75GB monthly download allowance, the price will currently remain the same – at £37.99 per month.

So far it appears that no automatic upgrades are happening, but the new option is available to new customers, and people who upgrade from lower tiers. Sources from ntl tell us that existing 3 Mbps customers should contact the retentions department and request the new service.

According to ntl, once the rollout to existing 3 Mbps customers has been completed, the rollout to the 2 Mbps & 1 Mbps customers will commence in 2006. The price of these is also expected to remain the same (at £24.99 and £17.99). They will however have lower monthly limits (the current 30GB and 3GB respectivly being the most likely values).

Cable Forum also believe that ntl have plans to offer a number of lower speed ‘uncapped’ services. They have already indicated that heavy users will be moved to a 512Kbps uncapped service at £17.99, we believe that further services for £24.99 and £37.99 will also be offered, the most likely speeds being 1Mbps and 2Mbps. We will of course keep you informed as more information becomes available.

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