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ntl to downgrade heavy broadband users

# 11 October 2005, 19:47 by Cable Forum

Cable Forum has received confirmation today that ntl are going to downgrade persistent heavy broadband customers later this month, to a unlimited 512K service. ntl in August this year stated to us that they had started to write to their small percentage of customers who exceed their fair usage limit excessively and strongly advised them to curb their usage.

An ntl statement states:-

“Further to our note in August about our fair usage policy, just to confirm the vast majority of customers who received the letter changed their online usage. This week we are writing to thank them for their response and to confirm that the move to 10Mb remains on track. 3Mb customers will be upgraded later this year, 1Mb and 2Mb customers in 2006.

Unfortunately a small number of users haven’t changed their usage – some have consistently topped 500GB per month. This is a severe abuse of our published fair usage policy and has the potential to impact on other customers locally. Therefore we are also writing to this group to confirm that we will take action as outlined in the previous letter.

More usage, less speed:

Later this month we will transfer them to a new service. We understand that usage is important to them so their new service will provide unlimited Internet usage at download speeds of up to 512Kbps. The price will be £17.99 per month and we will change the amount charged automatically.

Usage guidelines allow us to provide higher speeds and other services. In 2006 we will offer even more Broadband choice, including a full range of services with unlimited usage allowances.”

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