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ntl announce 12 new channels. [Update 3]

# 12 October 2005, 17:46 by Nemesis

An update to our earlier announcement regarding the 11 channels – ntl have now confirmed with us, the additional 12 new channels to their digital line up, they will launch tomorrow on 13th October, at no extra cost to the customer (except the adult pay channels). The channels, their channel number and the pack they are in are shown below:

New Channels

Channel name Content information Channel number Pack
Quiz Call Quiz call is a new interactive quiz channel that gives viewers the chance to win cash prizes. (Please see Q&A section for more information). 165 Base
EuroNews EuroNews is Europe’s news channel covering world news from a European perspective and simultaneously broadcasting in seven languages. 175 Base
Gems.tv Gems.tv gives you astonishing savings on cherished gemstones – brought to you straight from our craftsmen’s workshops. 177 Base
Community Channel* Community Channel provides television for UK based charities, community groups and voluntary organisations. 511 Base
E! Keeps you up to date on all the action with live event coverage, daily entertainment news from Hollywood and original programming. Because if it’s happening in Hollywood, it’s happening on E! 170 Family
UKTV Style Gardens UKTV Style Gardens is the UK’s only specialist gardening channel and features some of the biggest names in horticulture. 171 Family
VH2 VH2 is the real music antidote to today’s diet of manufactured pop. Featuring the cream of accessible rock and guitar music from the 90s through to today. 172 Family
Motors TV Motors TV is the only international Motor sport channel. 173 Family
The Horror Channel The Horror Channel is the UK ’s first channel dedicated to horror films and the people who make them. 174 Family
Red Hot Climax Adult content 831 Adult pay-per-night
Xplicit Adult content 832 Adult pay-per-night
Baby TV channel aimed at the under-threes Bromley 69

*Langley launch, already available on Bromley

Channel launch information


  • Due to technical issues on the Bromley platform, the channels will drop to the bottom of the EPG for Bromley customers.
  • Customers can rearrange their channel order by pressing the Red button when they are in the Favourites menu.


  • For most Langley customers, the channel will launch in the correct position in the EPG.
  • Some Langley customers may need to reboot their set-top-box to view the channels.
  • Customers can rearrange their channel order by pressing the Red button when they are in the Favourites menu

Who is affected?

Potential New Customers

  • All new Digital TV customers will benefit from an increased range of channels in their new pack.

Existing Customers

  • All Digital TV customers will have an increase to the number of
    channels available in their pack.
  • There are 2 additional Adult pay-per-night channels which cost just £5 per night.

Competitor information

  • Freeview: only the Community Channel is available
  • Top Up TV: none of the channels are available
  • Sky: all of these channels are available


Q: How does the customer get charged for calls to Quiz Call?
A: The customer gets charged 60p per call they make for calling the premium rate call charge. Calls are charged whether the viewer gets through to studio or not.

Q: How do winners on Quiz Call get their prize money?
A: If the viewer successfully gets through to studio and answers the quiz / question correctly then Quizcall (Ostrich Media) will pay the prize money to winner directly by cheque within 30 days

Q: Will Quiz Call broadcast the call charges?
A: Yes, below the telephone number is a line clearly stating that calls cost 60p from BT landlines, the presenters will also be clearly communicating this to the viewers and have received training on this.

Q: Will customers need to do anything to receive the channels?
A: If they are a Bromley customer the channels will drop to the bottom of the EPG. Customers can move the channel by going to the Favourites menu and pressing the Red button to rearrange them. Some Langley customers may need to reboot their set-top boxes.

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