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Telewest Announces 10MB Broadband Speeds

# 11 August 2005, 15:03 by Cable Forum

A Telewest press release today announces plans to shake-up its blueyonder internet services with the most significant speed boosts seen yet and outlined its capability to go much faster in the future. The cable company will roll-out speed upgrades from next month, on a region-by-region basis and at no extra cost to existing or new customers.

Completion is scheduled for early next year, with the following tiers on offer:

  • Blueyonder Broadband
    Currently 512Kbp/s (kilobits per second), the entry-level service will become 2Mbp/s (megabits per second), for the same price of £17.99 per month.
  • Blueyonder Broadband Complete
    The standard 1Mb service will become a super-fast 4Mbp/s service, still at £25 per month.
  • Blueyonder Broadband Elite
    The current 2Mb and 4Mb options will be replaced by a flagship 10Mb service, costing only £35 per month.

    Upstream speeds will also be increased to 256Kbp/s for the 2Mb service and to 384Kbp/s for the complete and elite services.

    Telewest state all the tiers will remain free of usage limitations, following research* showing consumers’ confusion over bandwidth caps. The company believes its unlimited policy continues to give customers peace of mind and the ability to get the most out of rich media content.

    Eric Tveter, president and chief operating officer of Telewest Broadband, said: “There have been a few ISPs making a fuss about 2Mb services recently, but that often represents the maximum speed they can offer at the moment. We’re making 2Mb our minimum speed and we’ll also be offering a choice of
    affordable 4Mb and 10Mb services for more demanding internet users.

    “What’s more, our customers will be able to make full use of this extra bandwidth because we won’t be introducing caps and all the new speeds will be available across the network. With blueyonder services you actually get what you pay for.”

    *Research conducted by GFK NOP on behalf of Telewest Broadband in July 2005. Forty-eight per cent of dial-up respondents stated they had not noted usage restrictions when making a broadband selection. When made aware of restrictions, and given the choice between capped and non-capped products, 65% of those respondents said they would only pursue their original selection with further investigation and 35%.expressed an instant preference for uncapped products.

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