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ntl To Make 10MB Broadband Speed As standard

# 8 August 2005, 07:12 by Richard

ntl has confirmed its strategy for the delivery of next generation cable broadband services. A press release informs us, the aim is to make 10Mb its standard broadband access speed. Broadband customers will be able to choose a 10Mb service with a usage allowance to match their requirements. ntl will also offer a choice of broadband services with unlimited usage.

New broadband portfolio

The new product strategy creates a set of “up to 10Mb as standard” cable broadband products with different bandwidth options to match usage plus a series of unlimited products at different speeds.

For the first time, a customer will be able to match speed, usage allowance and price to their individual needs. A new broadband user will be able to enjoy the same 10Mb speed as an experienced surfer and as their online expertise grows, simply move up to a higher allowance. Tools will be provided to allow customers to track their usage.

The first home surfers in the UK to enjoy speeds of up to 10Mb will be ntl’s current 3Mb Broadband customers. ntl will provide them with more speed and greater usage, at no extra cost per month. By the end of this year they will have a connection of up to 10Mb, while their usage allowance will increase from 30GB to 75GB per month.

“Our broadband services will become amongst the most innovative in the world and certainly well ahead of anything else in the UK,” said Simon Duffy, Chief Executive Officer of ntl. “This is a major step towards delivering Britain’s digital future.”

By the end of 2006, the roll out of this new product portfolio will be complete. There are no plans to change monthly prices. However, some customers will need to upgrade their modem. Further details will be announced at launch.

Even higher speeds to come for cable customers

Moving customers to a 10Mb Broadband service is part of a wider progression towards services with even higher speed and greater bandwidth. ntl’s fibre-rich network means that broadband speeds of between 30Mb and 50Mb are possible through DOCSIS 3.0 (cable) or ADSL 2+ (copper). ntl has the flexibility in its dual local network to offer this type of connection in the future.

This is big news without a doubt, one customer responded with “Just watercooling the modem as we speak!”

There is, however, no information about the upload stream rate.
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