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ntl Responsetek Update

# 1 August 2005, 17:46 by Cable Forum

The ntl Responsetek facility that we launched on 20th June 2005 has now changed. Customers can now leave an e-mail address should they want a reply from ntl to their comments or feedback sent. ntl want to continue improving their services and they need your feedback.

Since the ntl Responsetek tool went live on Cable Forum last month, ntl has received over 2100 ratings. We encourage you to use it if you have not already.

As well as leaving ratings, you can also provide comments and state if you was satisfied or explain ways ntl can improve their service for each rating. You can leave as many ratings and comments as you wish which may apply to you. For example, those who may have had a recent installation, how did it go for you? Was the technician on time? Were you satisfied when the technician left?

You can rate and leave comments and when you have finished rating and commenting on one aspect of service, you can rate and comment on another service aspect by going down the list of categories.

To tell ntl what you think and activate the ntl responsetek facility, please click on the below, ‘ntl:tell us what you think’ image, the feedback screen should appear as a seperate pop-up, please make sure you have javascript enabled and allow the pop-up in any blocking system you may use. Note that you do not need to be a member of Cable Forum to use the ntl responsetek feedback facility.

ntl:Responsetek - tell ntl what you think

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