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ntl confirms Bromley EPG software upgrades

# 26 July 2005, 08:36 by Cable Forum

ntl has confirmed that later this week they will begin releasing a new EPG software upgrade for all their Bromley DTV customers. This week ntl will start a pilot in York, then Wearside, the rest of the Bromley platform will follow probably around the end of August.

This upgrade is a major step forward in bringing the Bromley and Langley Digital TV platforms together. It has improvements to the way the service looks and operates, it also fixes known problems.

In brief, the upgrade will include the following benefits:-

  • Digital TV service divided into four clear features to make it
    easier to navigate and to use. These are: Guide, On demand, Interactive and Settings.
  • New blue screens – much easier to read.
  • Improved now and next listings – now called Mini guide.
  • Easier access to Mini guide – press any ARROW button whilst you are watching TV to display the Mini guide.
  • Direct control of subtitles from the Mini guide.
  • New Guide menu – 100% dedicated to TV listings.
  • Guide screens now display 7 channels at a time.
  • New On demand, displaying titles, certification, start times and price all on one screen.
  • PIN now only required for pre-watershed pay-per-view movies and Adult pay-per-view content.
  • Simplified Settings feature and you no longer need to press to save.

A handbook will be sent to customers with more detail and will arrive in the post a few days before the software is due to download.

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