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ntl Launches Netguard

# 20 July 2005, 16:36 by Cable Forum

ntl have now launched Netguard, a comprehensive easy to use suite of PC security software. This includes free Anti-virus, Pop-up Blocker, Form Filler and Privacy Manager. Netguard Cleans and protects your PC from 140,000 viruses & other security threats.

ntl Managing Director, Central Operations & Business Improvement – Peter Wilcock, outlines a range of new initiatives for the cable company’s customers.

“ntl recently took the wraps off a free anti-virus service. It goes live for all customers this week and will significantly enhance the level of protection offered to our 1.4 million broadband users.
The new service is called ntl Netguard and if you’re an ntl Broadband customer I encourage you to download it from ntlworld.com.

ntl Netguard offers the equivalent of £40 worth of PC security free of charge. It offers protection for up to 3 PCs – from 140,000 different viruses. ntl Netguard keeps viruses out with free PC-based anti-virus protection, which is updated automatically every three hours. It also includes a pop-up blocker to protect from malicious pop ups, an automated secure form filler to help fill out online forms, a password manager to keep passwords and credit card details secure, and a privacy manager to prevent hackers tracking customers’ Internet browsing and accessing personal information.

It has been heavily tested and has received an excellent response from customers on a recent trial. It is also fully supported by ntl.

We’re making a big effort and investing many millions to offer our customers amongst the best online security in the UK. The Netguard initiative is part of a major programme. It follows the successful implementation of ntlworld email anti-virus last November, and complements a comprehensive range of new anti-spam measures about to be launched on ntl’s email services.

We’re soon to deploy free ntlworld email spam protection. A partnership with Openwave will use McAfee and Brightmail technology to protect customers from email viruses and spam. It will enhance the email experience with customer controls over spam.

This spam blocker by Brightmail will be on all of our email servers. So customers will be protected by default from all spam identified by Brightmail, and can also log on to ntl’s Webmail service to personalise their own spam settings. Brightmail provides an exceptionally high rate of identification of spam, combined with extremely low false identification of legitimate email as spam.

We already stop some 20 million spam messages and 200,000 viruses from entering the ntl network each day. The launch of Netguard and further spam controls offer even greater protection.”

Visit www.ntlworld.com/netguard for more information.

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