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ntl may impede sale of Flextech

# 18 July 2005, 01:00 by Cable Forum

Telewest’s plans to sell Flextech could be impeded by ntl, according to the Telegraph. ntl which is expected to merge with Telewest in the coming months, is said to have strong objections of a sale to a free-to-air TV competitor.

The Telegraph states that ntl is concerned that the content of Flextech’s TV could damage the prospects of a merged pay-TV cable group.

ITV & RTL and Hallmark International have been mentioned as potential bidders.

Flextech Television consists of ten wholly owned channels, Trouble, Trouble Reload, Bravo, Bravo+1, LivingTV, LivingTV +1, Living 2, Challenge, Challenge +1 and Ftn, and also has business interests in transactional channels such as Screenshop and bid-up.tv.

Flextech is a 50% partner in UKTV, which is a joint venture with BBC Worldwide – it currently has eleven channels: UK Gold, UK Gold +1, UK Gold 2, UK Style, UK Style +1, UK Horizons, UK Horizons +1, UK Drama, UK Food, UK History and UK Bright Ideas. Together they are the largest supplier of basic channels to the UK pay-TV market with a portfolio that combines wholly owned and managed channels, including the eleven joint venture channels with the BBC.

More over @ Telegraph.

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