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Telewest Launches Teleport a new TV-on-demand service

# 30 June 2005, 09:51 by Cable Forum

A Telewest press release today states that Telewest is making Teleport, its new TV-on-demand service, available to over 26,000 customers in Cheltenham and Gloucester today – the first stage of national roll-out plans which will revolutionise digital TV for more than a million customers by early next year.

Following the successful launch of its movies-on-demand service in Bristol, the cable company’s Teleport service gives customers instant access to a vast library of both films and TV entertainment, 24/7. It also offers the same control as watching a DVD or video – once a programme or movie is selected, customers can start watching at a convenient time and pause, fast forward and rewind.

The Teleport service is accessed via the existing set-top box and remote control, using a simple on-screen menu to select from a choice of viewing menus. Teleport Movies offers around 200 current and library films from FilmFlex, costing between £2 and £3.50 for a 24-hour rental period; Teleport Replay provides a second chance to catch popular programmes from the previous week, such as Eastenders and Casualty; and Teleport Life offers specialist interest programmes. Teleport TV will be added soon, including classic BBC series such as Morse and Waking the Dead, plus music videos on a subscription basis.

There is a substantial amount of free content, including soaps, comedy and documentaries, plus pay-per-view and subscription options. Customers already taking the company’s top digital TV package will have most elements of the new service included at no extra cost, such as access to entire TV series.

Eric Tveter, president and chief operating officer of Telewest, said:
“Teleport has arrived and it’s genuinely going to change the way people watch TV. The schedule normally dictates viewing, but our customers will have the choice and convenience of a service they can tailor – it’s TV on their terms.”

Telewest Broadband has already secured content from a wide range of providers including Filmflex, the BBC, Flextech, Discovery Networks Europe, National Geographic Channel Europe, Nickelodeon, Jetix (formerly Fox Kids) and Playboy TV. The BBC agreement will initially provide over 180 hours of documentaries, natural history, drama, light entertainment and children’s

The company is investing around £20 million in the development of advanced TV services in 2005. Consumers can find out more about Telewest Broadband’s bundle of digital TV, broadband internet and telephone services at www.telewest.co.uk.

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