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Photobox Launches on ntl Interactive

# 22 June 2005, 11:00 by Cable Forum

We have received word from ntl that they have now launched Photobox, a photo sharing service that allows users to load their photos from their Digital camera onto a website, from there they can make their photos accessible on the Interactive feature on the ntl Digital TV service.

The good news about this service is that it does not cost anything to load or view your photos.

All Langley and Bromley CR3 Digital TV customers can instantly start using this service Free of charge.

To use the service, customers need to go to the Photobox website or via Broadband Plus to register.

  • By registering via Broadband Plus customers will get 15 free prints every month!
  • Follow the simple instructions to load the photos and select the “turn on ntl Interactive TV sharing” option – this will make the photos accessible from the Interactive feature on their Digital TV service.
  • All that is needed to use this service is a computer and internet connection and a digital camera. There will NOT be any need to download any software to use this service.
  • To view photos within Interactive simply press the Interactive button on the ntl remote, select option 1, then select “Life & Photos” and go to the Photobox option.

This is a free service so customers will not see any charges on their ntl bill.

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