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Cable Forum launches ntl ResponseTek

# 20 June 2005, 15:08 by Cable Forum

Today we launch the ntl responsetek tool – A feedback facility that lets users send their thoughts directly to ntl. As visitors and members of Cable Forum may remember – At the beginning of this year, we contacted ntl chief executive officer, Simon Duffy, to discuss the issues of the ntl customer experience.

Simon Duffy invited Cable Forum team members to meet up with him and Peter Wilcock, MD of ntl’s Customer Operations and Business Improvement division.

In April, myself and team member Simon (Nemesis) held a meeting with Simon Duffy and Peter Wilcock. In this meeting we outlined several key issues that customers experienced generally with customer services.

Since the meeting in April, we have been working closely in the background with ntl, providing feedback and fast tracking serious issues and problems customers post on the site back to ntl for immediate resolution and there is more happening, to better explain it, Peter Wilcock, MD of ntl’s Customer Operations and Business Improvement division writes to Cable Forum.

“Having read Cable Forum recently I’ve been watching the thread Customer Service: Your personal experience get bigger and bigger. The amount of interest is amazing – over 20,000 views of a thread with over 586 replies!

As the person responsible for ntl’s customer operations, naturally I’m also keeping a close eye on the poll at the top of the thread. This morning it stood at roughly 48% for ‘generally OK’ or ‘never had trouble’, 20% for ‘very hit or miss’, while 32% voted for ‘normally mess up’ or ‘completely awful’.

Over the last year, we have done a great deal but as the poll shows, we have more to do across our business. I’d like to reassure you that we are investing time, money and effort to make sure that 2005 will show a significant enhancement. I hope the poll is repeated in 12 months’ time.

Internally at ntl we track every aspect of our customer service. After 12 months of major changes I know that in the first months of this year we have moved in the right direction.

Today, activities across ntl are taking place to ensure we deliver the service you deserve. For instance, you asked us to open on Sunday and in June we opened our Sunday Service for faults. This has been a great success. We have just completed stage one of a major programme to cut the amount of spam and viruses entering our network. The feedback from customers was that this is a major issue. We’re dealing with it, but the implementation takes time. By the end of this year the programme will be complete.

We also want to listen more. As a result we are delighted that Cable Forum has agreed to launch ResponseTek. You’ll be able to log onto ResponseTek in the same way as you can on ntlworld.com and ntl.com at Cable Forum (Click the image below) This link offers the same functionality for passing comments back to us – quickly and directly. We hope you’ll use the service. Your feedback will be read daily and where we can take action quickly we will do so. By making it easier for you to feedback comments, we will be able to better plan and implement the business improvements you really want.

ntl:Responsetek - tell ntl what you think

We want to provide a customer experience that is second to none. I hope that you’ll take part and help us. I’ll write again next month with initial feedback and more information about what we plan for this year.”

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