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ntl Fault Service Now Open Sunday

# 2 June 2005, 17:28 by Cable Forum

Cable Forum can reveal that ntl is to extend its opening hours. The ntl fault service will now be opening every Sunday from 10AM to 4PM starting from 5th June (This Sunday) meaning customers can now contact ntl and report a fault 7 days a week!!!

Many ntl Customers have raised concerns on our forum about not being able to report issues with their ntl services, should something happen after closing time on a Saturday.

Because ntl was closed on Sunday, some customers have been unfortunate and have had no choice but to wait until Monday morning to report issues with their services.

As visitors and members of Cable Forum will be aware – we have been working closely with ntl with the sole aim of improving customer satisfaction, ntl has took notice of what customers have had to say on Cable Forum regarding ntl being closed on Sunday and as a result have now decided to provide a fault service on Sunday.

ntl will be notifying all customers by placing an advert on customer bills.

ntl advert to appear on back of customer bills

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