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Spam blacklist hits almost 1m Telewest Customers

# 10 May 2005, 10:28 by Cable Forum

Approx 1 Million Telewest net addresses have been blacklisted by anti-spam group SPEWS (Spam Prevention Early Warning System)
SPEWS has blacklisted the addresses because so many of the home machines using them have been hijacked by spammers.

A Telewest statement says: “We are aware of the increase in e-mail volumes due to customers’ PCs which have been infected by worms and viruses.”

Although Telewest has blamed recent virus outbreaks for the sudden rise in the number of hijacked home computers:

“We are currently contacting affected customers to help them clean their PCs which, as you can imagine, is a time-consuming task.”

Telewest have also stated that they are doing all they can to secure their systems by installing security systems within its network.

Source: BBC News.

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