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ntl announce price changes from 1st June

# 12 April 2005, 16:58 by Nemesis

As previously rumoured at the end of March, cableco ntl have now announced prices changes across their Television, Broadband and Telephone services.

A summary of the changes can be found below, while a link to the full price change letter can be found at the bottom of this article. ntl have also created an FAQ website for your frequently asked questions.

  • The standard 3-2-1 tariff is to be increased by £1.00, but will include free local weekend calls commencing 01 June, 2005.
  • Talk Unlimited and Talk Unlimited Local are reduced by £2.00
  • Phone and Surf is reduced by £1.00

All call features (Caller ID, Call Waiting, etc) and call charges remain unchanged. The TalkPlan Mobile charges for Daytime, Evening calls have also been reduced, but the majority of weekend charges have risen.

  • Broadband and Pay-As-You-Go prices are unchanged for now
  • Unlimited Dial Up offering has been increased by £1.00
Digital Television
  • The Base Pack with no options has been increased by £2.00
  • All other DTV packages, including the Base Pack with Sky channels, have been increased by £1.00

All Premium channels remain unchanged, apart from the Hangama pack, which has dropped £1.00.

Analogue Television
  • All Analogue Television Packages have been increased by £1.00, with the add on channels remaining unchanged.

ntl’s price change letter, from new MD of Products Shai Weiss, also mentions that ntl have “recently launched a range of digital channels including ABC1, FX2893 and Racing UK,” with more channels to be added later this year.

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