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ntl broadband upgrade speeds from 8th March

# 5 March 2005, 16:02 by Cable Forum

We have again, received further reliable information regarding the long awaited ntl broadband speed upgrades. From 8th March 2005, 1MB, 2MB and 3MB broadband speed connections will be launched. ntl will be contacting existing customers and informing them of these upgrades.

It is important to note, that the majority of 750K and 1.5MB customers will be upgraded over the coming weeks. But some networks, in some areas need further upgrades, to ensure that all customers will eventually receive the speed upgrades though this might take some months.

Customers on the 750K package or 1.5MB package, will receive a FREE automatic upgrade to 2MB and 3MB. 750K customers with a black PACE Set top box and want to change to the new 2MB speed, need to arrange with ntl a Set top box swap, this will be a free swap.

Note that those 750K broadband customers with a black PACE Set top box, will receive a FREE automatic upgrade to 1MB if they do not arrange a Set top box swap as the black pace set top boxes are only able to provide the maximum of 1MB speed connection. Also note that there will be no change to the usage allowance (1GB daily).

300K customers will not be upgraded automatically. Customers can upgrade to 1MB if they accept a 3GB monthly usage allowance. Customers can either upgrade online or by calling customer services.

Once customers have upgraded to the new speeds, they will be unable to change back to the old speeds. Existing customers on 300K, 750K and 1.5MB cannot move between old speeds.

Just to remind customers of the upgrades and prices and usage allowances of these new speeds:-

  • 300K 1MB Price: £17.99 Usage allowance: 3GB Monthly
  • 750K 2MB Price: £24.99 Usage allowance: 1GB Daily
  • 1.5MB 3MB Price: £37.99 Usage allowance: 1GB Daily

Upload rates are as previously mentioned:-

1MB = 100K
2MB = 200K
3MB = 300K

Customers who exceed their usage allowance with the 1GB daily usage allowance may be contacted by ntl if their usage becomes excessive that it affects quality of service for other broadband customers. Customers on the 1MB connection with 3GB monthly usage, ntl will be monitoring and will identify those who exceed their usage allowance very often, however they will not be enforcing this allowance until later this year.

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