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ntl customer service in the spotlight again

# 2 March 2005, 19:04 by Cable Forum

One of our eagle eyed forum members has spotted a news article in Teeside’s Evening Gazette, apparantly the Evening Gazette has received a quantity of complaints from customers who terminated their contracts and yet were still being billed.

The Gazette also claims that many more customers have had trouble when trying to get through to call centres.

A former ntl employee, Andrew Broadbent has spoken to the Evening Gazette and accused the company of caring more about targets and statistics than customer service.

He also told the Gazette,“You had to answer ten calls in one hour and someone would be listening to your call, signalling you to hurry up if you took too long.”

You can read more what Andrew has to say about ntl in the news article on icTeeside.co.uk

It does seem that there appears to be more problems with ntl’s customer services being heard about in the news or other media, we all know that not all companies track records regarding customer services are perfect, but it just seems more apparent that there is lately, so many customers complaining about ntl’s customer service, as it was only last week, ntl got mentioned on the BBC’s consumer complaints programme, Watchdog – after so many customers had contacted them to complain.

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