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ntl on BBC's Watchdog

# 23 February 2005, 18:32 by Cable Forum

ntl was featured on this weeks showing of Watchdog, the BBC’s consumer complaints programme. Watchdog was investigating complaints made about ntl’s customer service and the show sparked hundreds of more viewers to contact Watchdog and complain.

Several issues that were raised during and after the programme, was one man who tried to cancel his broadband service and was on the phone 55 minutes and spoke to 10 different ntl customer service reps, only to be then told to ‘Write a letter’.

From the BBC’s Watchdog website.....

Hundreds of you have been in touch with Watchdog about the communications giant, NTL. We spoke to three viewers who complained to us about the company’s customer service.

Esther Parkes’s NTL landline stopped working and she subsequently encountered many problems getting through to the NTL customer service centre. In the time it took to fix her line, she was forced to use her mobile phone instead and ran up a hefty bill which she feels NTL should pay.

Andy Maclean cancelled his account with NTL and gave them 30 days notice. But the company continued to bill him month after month. Andy pointed out their error which NTL accepted and they told him to disregard their bills. But then it seems NTL disregarded their own advice. They instructed a debt collection agency to deal with Andy.

Sarah Daniels was forced into extreme measures when she tried to talk to NTL about her mother’s account. Her mother passed away in October last year and Sarah sent the company a copy of the death certificate as well as a letter saying that she would now be handling any outstanding payments.

But NTL continued to write to Sarah’s deceased mother asking for her authorisation to discuss the account with Sarah. Eventually Sarah wrote a letter from her deceased mother explaining that since she had passed away, she was no longer able to deal with such queries.

NTL admit the service to those in the film was unacceptable and unreservedly apologise. They will be offered credit for the inconvenience caused. NTL do say a one hundred million pound systems makeover is underway with the sole aim of improving customer service.

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