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Telewest Broadband Launches Text with a Landline

# 8 February 2005, 12:22 by Cable Forum

We have received a Telewest news release of an exciting new product that lets users text with a landline. Telewest Broadband has launched a new home phone service that allows everyone to join the texting revolution, without the need of a mobile phone!

The cable company’s texting service is said to enable SMS messages to be sent and received using a text-enabled phone and landline. Or, even those with a standard phone, it will turn the text into an audio message.

Now I bet your wondering, that will not work because many people use abbrieviations in text messages? Wrong, Incoming messages are delivered by an automated female voice, which can translate texting abbreviations, such as ‘u r gr8!’, senders simply type the text as normal and send it to the relevant home number – where the phone will ring to deliver the audio message, or store it if no-one is available.

Telewest is expecting this service to appeal to families with children and teenagers, who will be able to swap short messages with their parents about where they are, what their plans are, or when they need a lift.

Messages sent over a landline cost 10p per text, or 7p with the Telewest Broadband Talk Mobile calling package. To send messages customers will require a Telewest Broadband phone line with the Caller Display feature activated, plus a suitable text-enabled phone. Incoming texts cost nothing to receive and don’t require new phone equipment.

Eric Tveter, president and chief operating officer at Telewest Broadband, said: “Texting has never been more popular, but it’s previously been exclusive to mobile phone users. Our new service allows family members and friends to send and receive SMS messages at home.”

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