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Major ntl budget cutbacks threatens service for customers

# 2 February 2005, 22:44 by Cable Forum

Cable Forum has received information tonight from an ntl insider and other reliable sources that major budget cutbacks have been planned. Urgent conference calls have taken place earlier today and the following cutbacks in service have now been planned..

  • Only Network Masters/Outages affecting more than 30 telco subs are to be attended out of hours.
  • Power Outages will be attended until 11pm, then cab will have to run on batteries until 8am.
  • No CATV/BB Outages to be attended out-of-hours.
  • No Service Refferals to be attended out-of-hours.
  • No Preventative Maintenance, only fire-fighting.
  • No “Network” Upgrades.
  • No Overtime.

These cuts in service have been said to ‘enhance the balance sheet’. These cutbacks are believed to cause a major impact on service levels for all customers. An internal source has summed it up by stating:-

“Thanks for choosing ntl, best hope your BB / telephone doesn’t break at 4:01PM on a Friday… Good Luck”

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